Sssbc Agreement 2 Of 2018

Mamabolo said, despite the violation of bilateral agreements, the process was used as a tool to address some people, while appearing to promote those in the inner circles of senior management. He stated that Popcru had in the meantime agreed to include SAPS in a bilateral agreement to determine progress made under the pilot project, prior to any full implementation consultation. Richard Mamabolo, spokesman for the Civil Rights Union (Popcru), said that in 2018, SAPS presented a piecemeal structure in the Security and Sector Negotiations Council (SSSBC) as part of the 2009 SSSBC 2 agreement, which detailed the type of consultation process to follow. They also called for civilian positions to be filled by qualified candidates, appropriate conciliation committees to be agreed at all levels, and all positions to be vacant. However, the unions have called for the suspension of these unilateral restructuring processes. He said that with the last interaction on June 29, SAPS stated that they would submit a position paper to the SSSBC, which would provide the unions with an opportunity to enter. „It was a surprise when SAPS internally approved a discussion paper that had not been closed at SSSBC for consultation, and then SAPS introduced a new model called „District Model“ to remove clusters and test it at Gauteng g to test its viability,“ Mamabolo said. Police unions said they had not been questioned about the restructuring. The general secretary of the South African Police Union (Sapu), Tumelo Mogodiseng, said that management had sometimes not consulted with unions – „they are taking advantage of restructuring to punish those who don`t like them in the system.“ Mogodiseng said the restructuring had caused confusion: „It would be discovered that the person in charge of a particular station is more qualified than the person in charge of a district. Management has to model it right. „This abominable trend seems to come into the SAPS itself when dealing with personalities that are contrary to principles,“ he said. Cap – Restructuring within the police has made unions sweat and says that it is very cumbersome and not geared towards service delivery. „The SNEC therefore calls for an immediate and unconditional suspension of all restructuring processes that have taken place within THE SAPS at the national, provincial and stationary level until consultations at the SSSBC level are completed, at a time when the Covid 19 pandemic has eased.“ National spokesman Vish Naidu and his counterpart Athlenda Mathe did not comment.

He stated that the SNEC was concerned that there were elements for the implementation of the unsurnated restructuring process in different provinces, although it was agreed that there would be implementation at the SSSBC level until after the consultations had ended. He said wage increases were also part of the concern, because front-line work was neglected during the Covid-19 Lockdow. Mamabolo said Popcru convened a meeting of the National Executive Committee (SNEC) this week to discuss restructuring, changing wage disputes, the ongoing evolution of regulations in the Department of Corrections and the impact of Covid-19 in the sectors.