Bank Of America Electronic Banking Agreement

E-Bills is a Pay Service feature that allows you to receive invoices electronically from participating recipients. You can send money to another user at your inauguration or in response to that user`s requests for money. You understand that the use of this Service by you at any time (i) of this Contract and (ii) is subject to your express authorization at the time of the transaction for us or for another network bank to initiate a debit entry into your bank account. You understand that if you send the payment, you won`t be able to stop it. You can only cancel a payment if the person you sent the money to has not yet registered for the service. If the person you have already sent money to has registered either in the mobile cellular app or with a network bank, the money is transferred directly to their bank account (unless otherwise stated) and cannot be cancelled or revoked. We advise you to print or download a copy of this eCommunications publication, the corresponding account service or contract, and any other communication to keep for your permanent registrations; If you have not yet included a copy of our privacy statement in your documents, you can get an additional copy of our privacy statement. Bill payments from your Bank of America account can be made for each amount up to $99,999.99. However, please note that some recipients may limit the amount they accept by electronic transmission.

If the limit is exceeded, the payment will be made by cheque. Plan or pay bills online from home, at the office, wherever you can connect. Make quick and secure transfers between your accounts or use the cell® to exchange money with friends and family, even if you have accounts at other banks. You can print or create the communication using the „Print“ button (or otherwise use your print feature) or by storing a copy – if you`re looking at the messages for the first time, because we don`t necessarily keep them all in a place where you have access. For certain products, accounts or services, we provide you, upon request, a copy of the communications we provide to you electronically pursuant to you in accordance with this eCommunications disclosure, provided that we receive your request within 12 months of the date the communication was first communicated to you electronically. You can request a copy of these paper communications by calling us the free customer service call number for your account, product or service.